Lies & Deception

Here is the email we received from the sales office of Diamond Resorts International today:

See if you can spot the illegal activity in this email?
From: Otts, Amber
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 05:14 PM
To: '' <>; Goodman, Sharon

Megan and Joseph,

We appreciated the opportunity of welcoming you to the Diamond Resorts International family. We truly regret that we were unable to retain your business, as I am 100% confident that your experience as a Diamond Platinum member would have been nothing short of amazing!

As an extra sales incentive based on your purchase agreement, we offered you an upgrade from your 1 BR suite to one of our Penthouse Suites. Regrettably company policy will not allow us to continue to extend this incentive should you choose to cancel your contract.

We can have guest services assist you in your move back to a 1 BR suite tomorrow or you are welcome to pay the difference in points or cash. Please advise us how you wish to proceed!

Thank you again for the opportunity.

Amber I. Otts | Arizona Regional Sales Trainer | Diamond Resorts International® | Tel: 928.284.0689 | Fax: 928.284.0346 | Cell: 928.300.3796


  1. is this lady kidding you Joe? does her boss know this is going on at this resort? Will someone please take the opportunity to file this CALS and get those jokers off our beautiful property?

  2. We live in Southern cal and really have enjoyed our Pacific Monarch timeshare as we often use day use. We have been warned by other owners to not join diamond intl. What seems wrong is the point conversion. We had 111 points which would be about a week. After the conversion, it is worth about 3 days. Further, if my points are worth less, shouldn't I pay less maintain fees? The sales rep didn't come out and say it but she insinuated that we were going to lose more if we didn't buy in. I am just wondering if PAC monarch owners need to look into a class action suit or something.

  3. We have been called about upgrading to Diamond as well and are moving with caution. We are paying $777.76 a quarter for 660 Monarch Points. The sales person told us that the assessments will continue to go up as more MGV owners upgrade to Diamond. No sure what to do as these assessments are a big hit on our retired budget.

    1. Have you continued with keeping Monarch or did you convert to DRI ? on your journey helpful

  4. FYI - here is a link to the purchase agreement:

  5. If our resorts are supposed to only be for "members only" as stated in our contracts why is Cancun being sold on Groupon or any of the other resorts being booked on or Expedia????
    How do we get out of this, I have 205 point, paid for please let me know if anyone wants them.

  6. Joe and Meagan, thank you for your time with your post and experience. Merger took place in 2012 and it is now 2015. How many of you kept Monarch timeshare and have been able to use it and have you experienced increase quarterly fees(threatened)? For those that converted to DRI feedback?

    1. Hi, my husband and i had to sit for over 3 hours at a presentation about diamond resorts with our 2 young children. We repeatedly stated we do not want to buy anything. It was a nightmare. Now our due on monarch keep increasing and we have to pay annual dues on something we only have biannually.

    2. Hi Rachelle we also kept our Monarch timeshare, an as recent as yesterday we were told by a diamond rep that if we did not convert to Diamond when we refused that our quartlwy dues will go up to about $400.00 starting next year, I call Monarch HOA at 800 828-4200 who informed me that the dues increases are 5% that is not even close to $400 a quarter. I suggest that you and every other owner call Monarch at 800 828-4200 for peace of mind. Diamond in my opinion use scare tactics to get us to switch to Diamond, We told them that we will not switch. I dont trust Diamond . Im staying with Monarch.

    3. We are at the Azul this Spring Break week, 2017, and just attended the dreaded meeting. If it wasn't for the sales person insulting my wife twice, we might have given into the scare tactics and bought into Diamond. I just stumbled onto this website as I was curious if other Monarch owners were staying put or buying into Diamond. I can't believe how informative this site is. Thanks for sharing all this and rest assured I'll be reading all this great info word for word...

    4. I have been researching Diamond for three months. I encourage you to ready Roddy Boyd's article, "Diamond Resorts and Its Perpetual Mortgage Machine" written for Southern Investigative Research Foundation March 7,2016. Reading it turns the Diamond slogan "Stay Vacationed" into a chilling demand. I contacted Magical Realty about selling our Diamond points. Magical Realty will be featured April 30 at noon on FOX News (Property Man) and May 1 at 3. The segment is called "Unload Your Timeshare". Talking to them, I learned licensed brokers won't sell Diamond, but they will sell Diamond's competitor's points. We consulted the Finn Law group because when we bought we were told Diamond has a hardship department that would take our points back if we suffered a hardship. I asked about cancer. Mr. Finn said his timeshare hardship cases make cancer look like a head cold. Diamond has placed severe restrictions on the use of secondary points. Unlicensed sellers, described as advertisers or transfer agents, are not concerned about the restrictions so they list Diamond points for sale. Diamond has policies in place to prevent deeding them back, except case by case, or selling them on a secondary market. Diamond even lists the advent of a secondary market as a risk to shareholders. Now Front Four Capital and ADW have advised Diamond to take the company private in a leveraged buyout so that they may earn a potential 30% internal rate of return. If that happens, all owners will be at their mercy. We originally purchased at ILX, but our issues are the same.

  7. I became a Monarch Grand Vacations in 1999 when I purchased 133 points. I was able to exchange via Interval International to places like Hawaii (2x), Orlando and Cancun. With my 133 points (one bedroom), I was able to exchange for 2 and 3 bedroom places. I was never disappointed. Because I wanted more points to be able to exchange with Interval and still go to the Cancun Resort in Vegas for a few days, I purchased 72 points on the resale market for whole lot cheaper than when I purchased in 1999.

    Fast forward some years and Diamond steps into the picture. We attended a presentation while at the Cancun Resort where Diamond tried to get us to convert. They used a lot of scare tactics (i.e.maintenance fees would increase 25%, we wouldn't be able to get reservations) but we decided to keep our ownership as it was because if it ain't broke, why fix it?

    I'm happy to report that while there have been maintenance fee increases, the increases have been small (<5%) and seem to be similar to before Diamond took over. I've also been able to make reservations for the Cancun Resort in LV with no problems.

    What I see as a positive from the Diamond takeover is that now with Interval, we are able to use points instead of having to deposit a full week to make an exchange. Now, "ShortStay Exchanges" (stays less than a week) are available to me and they weren't before. I've already made a couple of ShortStay Exchanges with Interval and things seem to be working just fine.

    In short, my experience since Diamond took over while staying strictly a Monarch Grand Vacations owner and not transferring to Diamond has been positive. I also opted NOT to join their Monarch Club Connections program because that was an extra $50 per quarter. The process of opting out was pretty painless - I just followed the directions.

    I hope there are others out there who have had positive experiences.

    1. Hi thanks for sharing, I agree from what I can understand, we are not paying anything close to the amount of fees that the Diamond members are paying.

    2. Hi, what amount is the maintenance fee with Monarch Grand Vacations and how much with Monarch Club Connections? I have not hear about it!

  8. This is interesting. Going over the, above listed, SEC filing @ Annon. 8/30/14, seems that Diamond owns Cabo Azul. Last night my wife and I attended a Diamond presentation designed to get us to convert to Diamond. During that presentation they described circumstances that suggested that Diamond was managing the resort for Monarch. When asked, they said no, "Diamond owns Cabo Azul."

    My immediate impression is, Diamond is trying way too hard to win us over—what are we missing? Time to get attorneys involved.

    My advice: Do not sign anything; do not give anybody more money—giving them more money will not magically make anything better; do not promise anything. We need to understand this to the most intimate detail in order to protect our interests.

  9. I am at the Cancun resort in Las Vegas and went to a breakfast where they said they would simply update me about the change over to Diamond. I was told that I should have been invited to a dinner where I would have been given options, decided by a judge in a legal ruling against Monarch due to their bankruptcy. They proceeded to show me a print out that said when my current term expires in August. I would have to pay $573 per quarter to Monarch. They said that due to the bankruptcy, I would have no equity. That was option one. Pay more, have nothing. The other option they said was to transfer into Diamond at a cost of $12,000 plus and pay a yearly maintenance fee of $1,700. Less than the $2,292 I would soon be giving Monarch. They also told me that I would then have equity of $41,000 that I could sell. I was in tears. I do not have any extra money. In fact I have been looking for ways to get out of Monarch for over a year now. They said that was not an option and that as an owner, I was now proportionally responsible for their debt. I felt trapped and signed all the papers to transfer, with no idea how I can pay. After reading the comments above I am even more scared. I am trying to start my own business and am already in severe debt. They claimed when they ran my credit though that it looked better than most and assured me I qualified for financing. I would have to pay off, basically transfer to credit cards, which I can barely make my payments on now before I could look to sell. One of the reps assured me that she would put me in touch with someone who could help me sell my points. She even gave me her cell phone number to call after the sale/transfer is finalized. I am really scared though. Please help! We have to do something. It seems as though they have no qualms about lying to and robbing people for their own benefit.

    1. Hi Julie I suggested that you call Monarch HMO at 800 828-4200 I was told a similar story by Diamond. Based on my understanding from Monarch the dues are raised at a 5% increase. Diamond told me about $400 a quqrter starting next year in 2017.

  10. This is the letter we sent to Cloobeck only to be met with rude calls saying the only way they could help us is if EVERYTHING was paid in full.

    I was also told that Diamond couldn't help us because "they only manage the properties MGV still owns them!"

    Hello Mr. Cloobeck,

    I am writing you because we have no other place to turn.

    My wife and I joined Monarch Grand Vacation Resorts before we were married, we celebrated our first anniversary at The Cancun Resorts in Las Vegas and the entire staff incredible so needless to say we would have loved to visit again for at least another anniversary.

    Almost from the start with MGVR there has been issues with payment paperwork once my wife took my last name but it wasn’t a steady thing because we were told that the paperwork was taken care of and the payments were being processed then a few month later we would get a letter hitting us with late fees and we were told we couldn’t use the time share until all payments were caught up so we would give a payment and were told everything was taken care of yet again.

    After pulling our hair out on many nights over idiotic conversations with whoever decided that they were a supervisor that week we asked to talk to the supervisor’s supervisor and was put in touch with Barry S. and he kept the insanity going by having us send him the payment paperwork (fax, E-mail and snail mail) over and over again and after each time we would call and talk to him or we would receive an E-mail from him confirming that he did in fact receive the forms and would it would be taken  care of right away.

    This same (dog chasing his tail) routine  continued until Diamond Resorts International acquired MGVR and I told my wife that things would be different  now, I was correct, now our “delinquent account” could only be cleared by dealing with a collections agency and our rep for collecting on our “delinquent account” was Barry S. YES the same Barry S. that messed up oh so many time prior to DRI acquiring MGVR ( I asked and her clarified)and I refused to deal with him but both DRI and the collection agency told me he was in charge of our account and he is the only one that could help me.

    We have been paying our monthly payments  but the run around with the maintenance fees  has gotten way out of hand due to late fee on top of late fee and I refuse to pay someone to do something that should have been done years ago.

    I have recently been laid off and now can’t afford to keep the time share that we have paid thousands of dollars into but was only allowed to use once in 6 plus years.

    Could this be bought back and the bad credit be removed from our names

    Since reaching this point I understand DRI has bought out the collection agency that I was assigned to?

    PS. 7 years of paying and only using it once and we're still in the same position, if there is a class action lawsuit I will gladly put my John Hancock on it and then I would love to see Cloobeck on Under cover boss again.

  11. Hello Fellow Monarch Owners:
    My name is Andriea McGee my husband and I have also been lied to by Diamond Resort we were invited to stay at the Polo Club in Las Vegas to take a tour. So, my husband and I went. At the tour, we informed Diamond that we were not going to buy anything, that we just had questions.
    Anyway, to make a long story short they tried to get us to switch over to Diamond, and to buy some more points. When we said no we are staying with Monarch my husband and I were told the following:

    Monarch recently filed a second Bankruptcy, because they are unable to keep up with the maintained on the buildings, That the maintenance cost was slit down the middle between Monarch and Diamond and that Monarch could not keep up with their part of the cost.
    That Diamond had all read acquired most of Monarch’s Owners that they have already Converted to Diamond that there were only a few Monarch Owners left, that sooner or later we would have to convert to Diamond.
    That Starting in 2017 Monarch Owners maintenance fees will be raised that Monarch owners will have to start paying around $400.00 per quarter for maintained fees.

    That Diamond could not take away our ownership but our maintenance fees will be higher because Diamond members are already paying a higher cost.

    I contact Monarch this morning at 800 828-4200 I spoke to Lauren about what Diamond informed me at the tour yesterday. Lauren informed me that she was not aware of a fee increase of about $400 a quarter next year that the maintenance fees are raised at 5% that is nowhere near $400 per quarter.
    I informed Loren about Diamond telling me that most of all of the Monarch members have converted to Diamond, she told me that information was not correct.

    Anyway, I thought I would join the group and share this information. My husband and I have owned our time share for about 11 years, and have no intentions on going over to Diamond or selling it. I don’t mind having 9 locations to go to.
    I have a questions if anyone know the answer, please share. Was any one given more Monarch points when Diamond took over?

  12. I am definitely not comfortable with the things we were told by the Diamond reps in April 2016 and also the salesperson we spoke with last week still trying to get us to convert. We are interested in going more places (not happy with past Interval exchanges so trying to stay away from that) so the idea of having the Diamond properties at our disposal is appealing. I'm interested in hearing from anybody who HAS converted and what your experience has been. After reading these comments I'm leaning towards staying an MGV owner but they sure had me very worried this past April that we soon won't be able to afford our dues and that we will have a hard time getting a room at Cabo Azul (the only resort we use).

  13. Last week I stayed at the Cancun Resort in Vegas, my home resort. Prior to arrival, I was contacted by Diamond to attend an owner update. I agreed and also advised them that my husband would not be attending. I arrived early and asked if I could get in about 15 minutes early. 30 minutes later, I approached the desk and was told I was "just a courtesy meeting". I didn't request the update, they asked me. I was finally greeted by a salesperson who first had to ask me a series of questions. When he realized that I had not signed over to Diamond and also didn't sign a form that apparently can only be presented to me once (per Federal rules), he became extremely upset. I finally asked him if we should stop as he was getting stressed. He was at such a loss on how to handle my membership, he passed me on to someone else. She immediately started the "pitch" with drawings and forceful words. I was firm and told her I was fine with what I had. I was immediately pushed over to the awards desk and was finished. I have never been treated so rudely that I actually was in shock. I did everything not to cry. I contacted the Cancun manager and spoke to him. He then had his VP of Sales call me. However, he left a phone number that continued to ring with no voice message options. I have since left him several messages and finally yesterday, decided to call the manager again. I will not give up on this situation. The Cancun has always been a place that I enjoy going to and I appreciate the upgrades that I continually see from Diamond. However, I will never be treated that way again. If I don't hear from the manager today, I will contact someone else. To top it off, I received a email questionnaire on how my presentation was....Are you kidding?

  14. Owners in Monarch are forming a Facebook group. You can find it and Join at this

  15. I would like to hear from someone who did the conversion, how things going? By reading above comments, I am afraid by doing conversion then end up with two ownerships, please help.

  16. do not convert
    .liars. cheaters run as u can away

  17. Yeah we didn’t convert over it’s a bunch of wisher washy BS and once you say you think ur going to say no. They treat u like shi* excuse my language we’re trying to sell our timeshare in the process. It’s beautiful but we don’t use ours enough and points don’t roll over. Be careful they rob u.

  18. They are still at it. The "VIP" checkin guy at Cancun enticed us into a presentation by telling us there would be a way to apply our leftover points to maintenance fees. All we had to do was sign some papers. That and the breakfast would take less than an hour. Should have smelled the rat with the free dinner and $75 gift card.
    We got essentially the same presentation we got in 2015 at Ramona, featuring Diamond's greatest hits to pressure us to convert from Monarch, plus a couple of new ones. Maintenance fees will double (they haven't) - but now it will happen because of a "Nevada court order" expiring that required Diamond to subsidize Monarch owners. Amazingly that is to happen Jan 1, 2020 (6 days after the "meeting"). The PMR bankruptcy discharged in 2014 and Diamond assumed all liabilities. My brother, an attorney, could find no evidence of such an order in either the Nevada Federal district court or the Central district of California where the 2011 bankruptcy was filed.

    Mr. Anton showed us how we had $0 equity by continuing to own Pacific Monarch, but that converting to Diamond would give us $38,000 in equity. Why would we want to continue to own in a BANKRUPT entity that has gone BANKRUPT?

    Fact Check: Pants on Fire. The Pacific Monarch management entities owned by the Post brothers were party to the bankruptcy. The vacation ownership program entities, aka HOAs are non-profit and not a part of the bankruptcy. They own the properties, not Diamond (directly).
    I would have been OK with converting my points AT NO COST TO ME. No, we had to buy enough Diamond Points to make up the difference so we had the minimum 5000 points, for a mere $6500. Better than the $25,000 they wanted last time.
    I said no, and they did all the stuff to make me feel stupid. With their presentation being outright lies, I didn't feel that way. Once again I signed the piece of paper saying I forever waive being able to ever get such a good deal again. I used an X.
    If you are still a Monarch owner, remember that you hold title to real estate, similar to a condominium. At some point I believe Diamond will be desperate enough to have that, to where they will make me a reasonable offer. Or I can pass it to someone else without Diamond's restrictions on resale. Diamond ownership is far less favorable in that context.


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