Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Story, and WHY we created this website

You Wont believe this until you read it!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Joseph, and my wife Megan and I are just one of thousands of Monarch Owners who have fallen in love with San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo Azul Resort. 

This resort holds very special memories for our family;  we adore the town of San Jose and the people that live here, we were married here in 2010, have met family here from around the world, and we meet new life-long friends here every year.  Like many other families, we work very hard for 50-weeks each year so that we can come to our 'second home' in sleepy San Jose for what we consider to be paradise in every aspect.

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More LIES & DECEPTION from Diamond Resorts Sales Team

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This morning my wife and I were shocked to see an e-mail from Amber at Diamond Resorts Sales office telling us that we needed to move rooms.

Move rooms?  Why would we move rooms in the middle of our stay?

As premier Monarch Owners we all get access to room up-grades if they are available when we check-in, and this year when we checked in we were given the Penthouse on contingency that we attended the sales presentation.

We were curious to learn more about the new Management team of Diamond Resorts International (see our story here to learn more) so we gladly took the up-grade and scheduled the sales presentation the very next day.

Diamond Resorts International has now illegally threatened to move our room to a 1-BR (we are in the Penthouse) because we didn't buy their $50,000 up-grade.  Not only is this illegal to do, but its the lowest form of sales tactics we have ever seen, even in timeshare.

Why is this illegal?  Besides being a HORRIBLE way to earn business, this is called taking back a 'premium' which is illegal.  You cannot entice someone during their stay with up-grades and then take those up-grades back when they do not buy your product.

Once again our trust is broken by Diamond Resorts International and their Sales-Manager Amber is walking on thin ice with us owners right now.

More to come in the future!  Don't forget to share YOUR experiences by posting a comment!

Read the FULL E-MAIL here!